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Name: Rhi
Are you over 16?: Yes
Personal LJ: [ profile] ms_shalimar
Timezone: GMT
Other contact: AIM: momentsbtwnsleep Plurk: amazinglystrange
Characters already in the game: Kanji Tatsumi
How did you find us?: Originally via dear_mun


Character name: Terezi Pyrope
Fandom: Homestuck
Timeline: After killing Vriska
Age: Six sweeps/approx. 13 human years

~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths: Terezi is the Seer of Mind. This allows her to see the possible consequences of actions taken by herself and her friends and ensure that they do not do something which will jeopardize the alpha timeline. It also allows her to determine which of two or more possible actions will have the best or if nothing else the least catastrophic outcome.

Additionally, despite being blind Terezi is able to "see" and even read by using her senses of smell and taste. She “sees” colours based on what they smell and taste like; red is her favourite colour as to her it is the most “delicious”. Ordinarily, smell alone is enough to get her by but occasionally she has to lick things to get a better idea of what she’s seeing (or to gross someone out, or just for the hell of it).

Tied into this ability, Terezi has the power to smell lies. Subtle, white lies will usually fly under her radar but if a lie is big enough or if someone tells her multiple lies during the same conversation she’ll notice that she is not being told the truth.

Finally, Terezi has a strife specibus of canekind. This means she is able to use anything falling under the description of cane as a weapon.

How would they use their abilities?: Terezi's one of the good guys so she'd mostly use them in the quest for justice and/or to ensure her friends don't do anything stupid. However, she also enjoys trolling people so she's just as likely to use them to freak people out - especially the sniffing/licking. Hope you didn't enjoy having personal space!

Appearance: Terezi, like all Homestuck trolls, has grey skin, black hair and candy corn horns which, in her case, are straight and pointy. Unlike most Homestuck trolls, her eyes are not yellow; rather they are red and pupil-less after they were burnt out. Usually her eyes are hidden behind red glasses. Her teeth are terrifyingly pointy and shark-like and her lips are naturally black.

Clothing-wise, Terezi is usually seen in a black t-shirt with a teal Libra symbol on it reflecting her blood colour and symbol. Black trousers and red sneakers complete the look. Alternatively she may be in her FLARP costume, which looks a little like this

Background/Personality: Terezi grew up on a planet known as Alternia, although she was actually "born" through ectobiology as a clone of herself (this is not the first time Homestuck will get mindscrewy). Upon surviving the Trials of the Breeding Caves, which all troll grubs must face if they wish to progress to the next step in their maturing process, she was assigned her lusus - a creature which would serve as guardian to the young troll as the adult trolls were all away fighting an intergalactic war. Terezi's lusus was a blind dragon who slept in an egg which was balancing a Doomsday device. If the dragon were ever to hatch it would set off the device and thus bring about the end of the world; Terezi therefore grew up without her lusus, living in the woods near to said Doomsday device.

From an early age, Terezi has always been fascinated with law and justice. Dreaming of joining the legislacerators (the troll equivalent of a lawyer), she would often role-play trials in her home using Scalemate (dragon) plushies as her suspects and witnesses. Evidence of her "games" could be seen in the trees outside her home as those Scalemates found guilty were sentenced to hang and remain hanging to serve as examples. As she got older, this led her into an extreme form of live roleplaying known as FLARP where she created a character (based on her ancestor), Neophyte Redglare. She considered herself and teammate Vriska Serket, together known as Team Scourge, to be a vigilante duo hell-bent on serving justice.

Unfortunately, Vriska had other ideas. During a FLARP session with Team Charge, aka Tavros Nitram and Aradia Megido, she manipulated Tavros into jumping off a cliff. This was enough to convince Terezi that continued association with Vriska would be a bad idea - while she had, technically, been acting within her rights as a blueblood, Terezi couldn't forgive her. She warned Aradia against taking revenge, not wanting anyone else to get hurt, and insisted she would handle things herself. To that end, she contacted Doc Scratch: an omnipotent, omnipresent being known as a First Guardian. Vriska held one of Doc Scratch's magic cue balls and when Terezi alerted him to this, he caused said cue ball to explode in Vriska's face. It is clear, therefore, that Terezi is not above the art of revenge and that if she feels an act is unjust, she will step in to rectify that. She may be malicious but causing severe physical injury is a step too far even for her.

This all led to a turning point in Terezi's life. While Vriska had mind-control powers she couldn't directly control Terezi; she therefore forced Tavros to commune with Terezi's lusus and used that link to get the lusus to influence Terezi. Guided by her lusus, Terezi went outside during the day (trolls are nocturnal by nature) and stared into the blistering Alternia sun. Her eyes burned out and she was blinded; however, at the same time her dreamself awoke on Prospit. Each troll had a dreamself on one of two moons; Prospit is the "light" dream moon. The dreamself, once awoken, would wake up when the real troll slept; in Terezi's case this allowed her to communicate with her lusus for the first time. Her lusus taught her how to utilise taste and smell in order to make up for her lack of sight and in time, she could see as well as she ever had. In fact, she came to enjoy being blind and determined it was the best thing that could have happened to her. This doesn't, however, stop her from using it to wind up others - she will goad people into using phrases related to sight before reminding them she cannot see, or else she will tell people off for mocking or otherwise being mean to a blind girl while laughing the whole time.

Some months later, Terezi was approached by Sollux Captor to play a game known as SGRUB, which he and Aradia had created from some code the latter had found in one of the two Frog Temples on Alternia. She was asked to lead one of the two teams, and immediately claimed Team Red - red being her favourite colour because it is the "most delicious". After recruiting Tavros to her team and inviting Nepeta to join (an invitation she would later be forced to decline), Terezi was approached by Karkat Vantas who demanded he become leader of their team. Since she had no real concern over whether she was leading or not (and possibly knowing that his becoming leader meant she'd become his server player and thus able to manipulate his environment) she agreed to this arrangement and helped him carry out the steps needed for him to enter the game world before Gamzee Makara did the same for her. As it turned out, the two teams were actually playing in one session which made the team-finding exercise all but irrelevant (although whether by luck or judgement, the teams did coincide with whether the trolls' dreamselves resided on Prospit or Derse)

A side note on SGRUB: playing the game causes the players' home planet to be destroyed by meteors (kind of; time and causality in Homestuck are impossible to denote in any form of linear fashion. Effectively, a stable time loop causes the meteors to impact regardless and playing the game is the only means of escape). Those wishing to survive must complete a set procedure which will let them literally enter the game world of Skaia. The end goal of the game is to create a new universe to replace the one they lost. As Seer of Mind, Terezi was able to guide herself and her friends to victory, despite having to face a twelve-times prototyped Black King - all enemies within the game were affected or "prototyped" by whatever the trolls used in their kernelsprite (a flashing sprite which, when prototyped, could provide insight into the game), which turned out to be eleven lusus (including one which had the power to wipe out the entire troll race save for the current Empress and her heiress) and a frog statue. Naturally this was a tough fight but the twelve trolls stood their ground together and secured their victory.

As they were about to claim their prize, however, a rift opened and brought in a demon from another session - specifically, a session borne from the very universe they had created. The twelve fled and hid out on a laboratory on a meteor in the Veil - somewhere the creature wouldn't be able to find them. Here, Terezi found herself receiving a money transfer of 413 boonbonds from an unknown source. As well as being a ridiculously high sum of money, 413 are the numerals of the blind prophets and so naturally she was intrigued. She asked Sollux to trace the transfer and this is where they discovered that kids from "their" universe were playing the same game as them. (It would turn out, her future self had arranged this transfer so that this would happen)

Thus Terezi first began speaking to one Dave Strider. She was fascinated by his coolkid ways, having been able to tap into key moments of his life through a viewport connected to Trollian (their IM client). It's here that it becomes apparent she can smell lies, in addition to her usual smell-as-sight-replacement. In time, she would grow to become attached to Dave but in the meantime Karkat had ordered them to troll (in the internet sense) the kids as punishment for stopping them claiming their prize. Terezi's first target was Rose Lalonde, who like Terezi had been given the role of Seer. Though vicious and cruel in her words (she claimed she wanted to "watch Rose die" and for them to become hate-friends) she nevertheless provided a lot of helpful information.

Her next act wasn't quite so magnanimous. She approached John Egbert, the third of the four human players, and offered to help him by means of a shortcut. She claimed she wanted to see what would happen if they "broke" the timeline, i.e. strayed from the timeline shown on the viewport; in truth, it's possible she did this because she knew Vriska wanted to help John become better than Dave and she was attempting to sabotage. Regardless of her reasons, Terezi showed John a shortcut which would lead him to his Denizen (a powerful figure which ruled over the planet the game had created for him) far earlier than the game was designed to allow. There was, of course, good reason for this; John was killed and this sparked an offshoot timeline which lasted four months before Dave (the Knight of Time) hopped back in time to fix things. In the aftermath, Terezi does seem genuinely remorseful for what she did - again, she can be cruel and she enjoys toying with people but she does appear to feel guilty for killing him.

In order to make up for her previous actions, Terezi provided John with an actually helpful map to his second gate (means of progressing through the game) before returning her focus to Dave. She helped him to exploit his time powers in order to manipulate the Skaian stock exchange so he would have enough in-game currency to buy things which would help him become more powerful as well as to set up the money transfer which caused all this to happen in the first place. She also decided to see if Dave would be able to reach God Tier, an extra-powerful level which, of the trolls, only Vriska had managed to achieve. Reaching God Tier required that the player died on their Quest Bed and that they still had their dreamself available to replace them (dreamselves function as extra lives in addition to the previously-noted use). Because the trolls could speak to the kids at any point in the timeline, not necessarily in a linear fashion, Terezi was able to create an offshoot timeline by asking if Dave wanted an immediate answer to how to reach God Tier or if he would prefer to wait. This caused one Dave to find the Quest Bed and sleep there so that when the other (Alpha, i.e. true timeline) Dave showed up, he would have to in effect kill himself (thus, face his own death). She did this not because she wanted to see him hurt but because she wanted him to understand the gravity of having to face one's own death.

This is proved when, after the Alpha Dave has accepted he cannot kill even another version of himself and leaves, the doomed offshoot Dave is killed by Bec Noir. Bec Noir is a four-time prototyped version of arch-agent Jack Noir, who was intended to be an NPC quest character. The trolls agreed to help him dethrone the Black Queen but ultimately exiled him; in the kids' session, Jack had gotten hold of the Black Queen's ring and thus gained the power of their prototyping which included Bec, pet dog of Jade Harley who also happened to be a First Guardian (similar to Doc Scratch). Bec Noir is also the demon that terrorised the trolls' session. But to return to Terezi, seeing a version of Dave get killed upset her enough that she had to flee from the main control room where the bulk of the trolls were, proof that she had come to care a great deal for him.

Because she left the hub, she remained unaware of Eridan killing Feferi and Kanaya or of Gamzee sobering and thus becoming psychotic. While wandering the lab alone she came across Tavros’ corpse, deducing (correctly) that Vriska was responsible. She let Karkat know of her discovery then removed her glasses in order to try and revive Tavros by corpsesmooch - unsuccessfully since his dreamself (and everyone else's) had been killed when Noir destroyed the trolls' version of Prospit. Because she abandoned her glasses, this allowed Gamzee to steal them and scare Karkat into blocking her handle. Making her way back to the hub, Terezi found it deserted save for indications that Kanaya may have been hurt and then, after further investigation, that Feferi had been killed. Because she didn’t know what had happened she decided that this, too, had all been down to Vriska and that she had somehow, inexplicably gained a taste for blood. She tried to relay this to Karkat, frustrated that she had been blocked, but did later manage to speak to Sollux who told her that Eridan had blinded him. She ended the conversation, saying she could sense Kanaya; she later awoke to find she was sporting a bandaged bite wound - the implication being that Kanaya, now a Rainbow Drinker (troll Vampire) had fed from her.

Terezi pressed on with her investigation, speaking to Dave who had just found his brother’s corpse while happening upon Nepeta (and presumably Equius; both had been killed by Gamzee) herself. She expressed irritation over the fact that their conversations were always about Dave and his problems, likely because with everything that was happening she wanted to be able to talk about her own concerns, but still seemed sympathetic towards him. She ended her conversation with Dave and continued, finding a note in Gamzee’s blood, pinned down by Nepeta’s claws. Upon investigation, it turned out to be a trap that Gamzee had set and she fell into a separate room. Here she found the second “game disc”, which she mistook for a record and played on the gramophone in the room, scratching it in doing so. She also found her old role-play costume and Pyralspite plush and decided to wear said costume before leaving the room and hunting down Vriska, determined now that she would have to play the role of legislacerator and make Vriska pay for what she did.

Terezi found Vriska, who confessed to Tavros but rightly said that she was not responsible for the other deaths. Regardless, Terezi decided judgement had to be made and subjected Vriska to a flip of her two-headed coin. Heads, Vriska would stay on the meteor. Scratch, she’d be free to go and track down Noir. In actual fact, scratch meant that Terezi would kill Vriska, something of which they were both aware. Vriska thus manipulated the flip, using her ability to steal luck, so that it would end with scratch, confident that Terezi wouldn't have what it took to backstab her. And she may have been right, except that Terezi knew that if she didn't kill Vriska, she would lead Noir to them and both Terezi and Karkat would wind up dead. Thus she did what she had to do, killing her former roleplay-partner-turned rival.

So to sum Terezi up: initially she comes across as obnoxious, derisive and often a little psychotic. She appears to treat everyone she speaks to with the same mocking, sometimes downright callous attitude and enjoys making other people squirm whether through her words or by getting all up in their personal space to sniff and/or lick them. However, beneath that she is a lot more balanced and has the capacity for compassion when it comes to others, particularly those she is close to. A lot of her behaviour can be chalked up to curiosity, and she is most persistent if she thinks someone has something to hide (see: Karkat and his blood colour). While she is middling on the hemospectrum (the social caste structure for trolls which runs from red (lowblood) to purple (highblood)) she if anything seems more inclined to befriend those lower on the spectrum than she is - she claims she is "too teal" for the nobility-level blue bloods.

In short: she is everything you would expect of an internet troll, but beneath that is a girl with a thirst for justice and a drive to do the right thing.

Why should that character be in this game: N/A

Why do you want to continue their history here: N/A

For applicants considering an alternate version of a character already in game, please use this as your chance to explain the key differences between your character and the one already in play: N/A

Have you read up on how the game works?: Yep. The Guide plug-in is FlamingFerret and Terezi can earn her boonbucks by going on missions, begging or (heaven forbid) stealing

1st person sample: [The first thing on the feed is a close-up of someone's tongue licking the screen. The second is a grey-faced, shark-toothed female with red glasses as she pulls back enough to appear in shot]

Okay, good. This isn't Trollian but close enough. And I can't find the keyboard on this stupid thing so this will have to do.

Attention residents of this strange place which is not the meteor lab! I wish to lodge an official complaint about this most unjust and unlawful grubnapping. If this is about what I did to the spiderbitch she got what she deserved or else she'll be back on her feet and bitching at me soon enough. And even if that weren't true, we do not require humans or [she sniffs a few times] whatever else you are to meddle in the dispensation of troll justice.

Were that not bad enough, you have seen fit to grubnap a blind girl and force her to contend with a ridiculous amount of paperwork. I would almost applaud your sense of malice were I not the one having to endure your stupid procedures. When I find whoever's in charge they're in line for the drubbing of their lives.

3rd person sample: Terezi gripped the Pyralspite plush tightly, convincing herself that she wasn’t hugging it. As of this moment she was no longer Terezi, she was Neophyte Redglare and she was on a mission to end the Marquise’s murderous rampage before everyone else was wiped out. Just as in old times, where she would be forced to keep the Marquise in line while ensuring that Team Charge met with the justice they deserved, Redglare was out to ensure that these horrifying deeds would not go unpunished.

Except no, this wasn’t a game. Costume aside, Terezi was determined she would stop her former friend. Even with the knowledge that Eridan had snapped and blinded Sollux, she couldn’t shake off the feeling that everything else, all of the deaths, had been that spidertroll’s fault. Had been Vriska’s fault - but no, she refused to keep thinking that. There was no “Vriska”, only a murderess who deserved to face justice. If she did that, if she allowed herself to keep using the familiar name of her former Scourge Sister, she wasn’t sure she could keep it together enough to proceed.

Her legs seemed to carry her almost of their own accord; she seemed to instinctively know where the spidertroll would be. And all the while, the images of her dead friends floated through her mind, just as vivid and terrible as they had been when she’d first discovered them. Too many had died, both tonight and in the sweeps prior, and someone had to put an end to it. She had to put an end to it, because if not her then who? Sollux was newly-blind, Karkat was likely flipping the fuck out and everyone else, as far as she knew, was dead or dying. And so it fell to her to stay strong, to put aside the images and the emotion that accompanied them and to focus on doing what she knew she had to do. Because this time, there was no saving Vriska - she was already dead to Terezi and all that remained was to ensure that her orange creamsicle-wearing body went the same way.

Questions?: None
Did you put your characters name and fandom in the subject: Of course


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