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Colour/smell list

How do you "look"?

This is long overdue but: In light of Terezi's method of "seeing", I'm putting together a list of the people she knows and the colours/smells she associates with them. Therefore, please could you fill in the below for your character/s?

List of hex codes for colours can be found here and explanation of the form:

Character Name: Self-explanatory
Associated colour: The main colour that would be associated with your colour. Obviously this will be more obvious for some than for others but basically think along the lines of: if someone were to look at your character, what colour or colours would leap out?
Associated smell/s and taste/s: This should tie into the associated colour, although it can factor in things that the character would smell off. But effectively this will be the smell/taste that Terezi will associate with your character.

Karkat Vantas: Cement and rage
Karkat's blood: Cherry candy
Tavros Nitram: Peanut butter
Sollux Captor: Mustard; also appleberry blast
Nepeta Leijon: Olive and catnip
Terezi Pyrope: Justice and a hint of spearmint
Vriska Serket: Blueberries and lies; God Tier: orange creamsicle with a blueberry pixie dust trail, also lies
Equius Zahhak: Sweat with a hint of twilight sky
Feferi Peixes: Coral

Signless: Freshly-mown grass
Disciple: Olive
Condesce: Oil, ocean and something beyond

John Egbert: Blue slushie; God Tier: blueberry bubblegum
Rose Lalonde: Lavender; God Tier: Cantaloupe
Dave Strider: Cherry candy
Jade Harley: Apple; God Tier: The vastness of space, liquorice

Non-cast CR
Bianca: Very sweet carrot cake
Kaoru Hitachiin: Citrusy maple syrup
Mieu: Fuzzy peppermint swirl
Sui-Feng: Honey
Trixie Lulamoon: Blueberry cake (with optional purple icing and sprinkles) and lies
Will: Grape juice
Zelda: Bubblegum
Sheik (Zelda's other persona): Buttered toast with dollops of blueberry and cherry jam

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