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Terezi Pyrope ([personal profile] thoughtandflow) wrote2012-06-26 03:23 pm

Troll housing

Discussion post for hive o'trolls and who's living where.

Current Hive o'Trolls
- Terezi
- Nepeta
- Equius
- Karkat

Please to note
- Who would definitely want to stick with who
- Who would refuse to live with who

From Terezi's perspective
Having everyone currently on board in either the same place or as close to same place as possible would be the ideal. Moving is a good idea in case Empress has a fix on them, plus they're going to need a bigger boathive!
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[personal profile] flarp 2012-06-26 02:40 pm (UTC)(link)
literally just moved house so i am on hiatus and have been for a while but let me just slide in here quickly from my phone and hijack your post a little rhi--

anyone want to fill me in on whats been going down? i have been mia for months and i am so, so sorry.
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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, sounds complicated. i was planning on backtracking to say that vriska stayed on the last planet or something to cover my horrendously extended absence so hopefully i can step back into the swing of things and get filled in icly within the next couple of days when i can get around to putting something up.

tl;dr to actually get on the intended use for this post: i think vriska will most likely choose to stay in her room out of both awkward and stubbornness to prove how savvy and Independent she is, but will probably end up spending a lot of time with everyone else wherever they are anyway. "accidentally" falling asleep and staying the night, showing up unexpectedly because she was "in the area", etc. etc. really lame excuses.
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Karkat would probably agree that everyone living together would be a good idea because they can keep an eye on each other, but he'd probably want to make sure that if they move somewhere bigger or if they end up making a makeshift Veil or something, that there's a few escape routes in case the Empress actually does find them, maybe with easy access to others who could help them out.

I... don't think there's anyone he'd outright refuse to live with out of the original 12? I mean, he's from relatively the same point as Terezi, so his anger at his dead teammates is kind of dulled down now.
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Yeah, that might be an idea. Set up a giant group memo or something so everyone could compile a list of potential allies or something. But they are all moving somewhere bigger, right? Or somewhere where they can have a couple hives within close proximity of each other?
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XD it's okay lol. Well if Vriska's remaining in her own place then it could hypothetically use that as a potential escape house in case their new hive is found out. Hypothetically. But otherwise I'd say a bigger hive for all of them would be good, with maybe an escape route somewhere.
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Agreed :3
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Iiii am good with pretty much anything, haha! Nepeta doesn't really mind living with anyone one way or the other (though obviously she'd prefer staying with Equius). She's also got a bunch of money saved up since she's doesn't really buy stuff, and she's getting upgraded to CEO wage for next month, so... that's a thing! With that and the rest of the trolls' income, I think they can safely all cram into an eighth floor room comfortably, if we want to do that.

OF COURSE, we could always just forgo living in the residential area entirely and having the group get housing somewhere else, like the "other locations" list on the rooming assignments page. Kinda like a Veil 2.0. idk i am just typing things that i am not sure make sense or not.
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Oh I just came up with a dumb idea and I don't know if it's a good one BUT. Maybe they could have a room that they "officially" live in, but live somewhere else? To, like, throw off the Empress and stuff. Their names would be listed there as if they do live there, and they can pay for it to keep the illusion up, when in reality they live in a completely different area that's not anywhere on the rooming list. If that... makes sense.
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[personal profile] twin_armageddons 2012-06-26 09:58 pm (UTC)(link)
it all makes sense (was reading the other comments) and of course thollukth would want to stay with them and have everyone together, even if he doesn't admit it.

he would definitely insist on having escape route/plans though and a 'fake' address iff possible, after all he is still freaking out that the empress knows his and fef's names which is why they haven't gone back to their own rooms.
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[personal profile] twin_armageddons 2012-06-26 10:03 pm (UTC)(link)
we will have to check it and see! but yeah. it will be just like hiding out in the veil.

Home owo
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[personal profile] so_adorkabull 2012-06-27 02:55 am (UTC)(link)
It'll be like a big old family and Tavros is totally fine with that. He's fine with any roommate(s), except for Vriska, especially if/when he finds that he died. He probably should stay away from Nepeta, too, 'cause of allergies. Yeah.

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For the upcoming Drive event (my first WHEEE), I'm thinking about having Tavros rescue a few sentient watermelons and basically taking care of/protecting them in his room. Or whatever room/hive he ends up in (he hasn't been officially put in a room yet).

Who wants to help him take care of or get on to him for being such a wuss idk adorable widdle watermelons? }:D
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Fef would love living together but would also be even more prudent about getting everybody in trouble!! (Even if she would probably be the least effective in figuring out how to protect themselves). But aside from that caution she'd love to be with everyone again! :D
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And as far as roommates that she would mind staying with. The-boy-who-must-not-be-named is not here yet so it's not really an issue. 383
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5am, photoshop and a computer mouse are a bad conbination i need to go to bed orz
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haha i actually forgot i did this xD