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Gargleblasted info post

Activity Check thread

Fetch modus: Scratch and sniff
- Everyday outfit
- Neophyte Redglare RP outfit
- Pyralspite plush scalemate
- Two-headed coin with scratch in one side
- Cane
- Chalk
- Glasses (red, awesome)
- Rocket-powered wings
- One lump of coal, gifted by Santa (Christmas '11)
- One red ribbon (formerly tying together some cherry-rose lollipops which lasted all of about a minute), gifted by Will (Christmas '11)
- One prosecutor's badge, handmade by Naoto (Christmas '11)
- One hairclip in shape of horns (with bows), gifted by Miwako (February '12)
- One copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, gifted under coercion by Karkat (May '12)
- One red raptor costume, given by Rex's (October '12)
- Drawing of herself in her dinosaur costume, drawn by Vriska (October '12)
- Certificate of her awesomeness, gifted by Sollix (October '12)
- Sidewalk chalk, gifted by Santa (Christmas '12)
- Red sweater, gifted by Santa (Christmas '12)
- Stuffed toy dragon, gifted by Santa (Christmas '12)
- Fingerpaints and sketch books, gifted by Rapunzel (Secret Santa; Christmas 12)

Cherrysnout, female red lizard dragon (as of May 2012)
Fireface, sentient orange/red plant (as of July 2012)
Forest, female Axew (as of November 2012)
Liv, female tiger (as of December 2012)

Room: 8-17, The Suites
Roomies: Nepeta Leijon, Karkat Vantas, Sollux Captor

Current Job(s): Slinkie Merchant, Slinkies And Nothing Else [Somewhat Decent] // High School Student [Minimum Wage]

Past Jobs:
February 13 Secret admirer announcer, Cupid Corps [Minimum Wage]
January 13 Interior Decorator, the Dagnir [College Degree] // High School Student [Minimum Wage]
December 12 Swordsman, The White Knights of Nightcastle [College Degree] // High School Student [Minimum Wage]
November 12 Officer, the Night Watch [Somewhat Decent] // High School Student [Minimum Wage]
October 12 Dinosaur costume seller, Rex's [College Degree] // High School Student [Minimum Wage]
September 12 Scent Creator, Sniffy Studios [Somewhat Decent] // High School Student [Minimum Wage]
August 12 Refugee Database Secretary, SS Thor [Minimum Wage] // High School Student [Minimum Wage]
July 12 Costume Wing Model, Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary [College Degree] // High School Student [Minimum Wage]
June 12 Missing Pet Investigator, Princess Pat [Somewhat Decent] // High School Student [Minimum Wage]
May 12 Mushroom Farmer, Smooze Stoppers [College Degree] // High School Student [Minimum Wage]
April 12 Mural Artist, Palestra Foreign Embassy [Somewhat Decent] // High School Student [Minimum Wage]
March 12 Face drawer oner, Fugflgjiyp [Somewhat Decent] // High School Student [Minimum Wage]
February 12 Undercover operative, Badroulbian Empire [Somewhat Decent]
January 12 Anti-black hole conspiracy theorist, Conspiracies R Us [Somewhat Decent]
December 11 Bucketload delivery person, Buckets of Buckets [Minimum Wage]
November 11 Internet Troll, Lol U Mad? [Minimum Wage]
October 11 Twirly Chair Disinfector, The Sanitation Station [Somewhat Decent]
September 11 Dragon Bather, JugJug's Stables [Minimum Wage]
August 11 Artist, Happy Drawing Time TV show [Minimum Wage]